John Hoopman, CMLSO
UT Southwestern Medical Center
Dallas, TX

Course Details

Course Description/Purpose:

The Foundations of Laser & Light program provides comprehensive base knowledge in laser physics and laser safety to physicians, nurses and other healthcare providers who utilize medical laser systems in the care of their patients. This program is structured to comply with the Training Programs / Certification and Credentialing recommended by ANSI Z136.3, 2011 “American National Standard for the Safe Use of Lasers in Health Care” Section 5.2.2 and 5.2.3. 

The Foundations course provides information regarding:

  • Applied laser physics and the most common wavelength and modality lasers used in aesthetics 
  • Biophysics of laser tissue interaction
  • Clinical applications related to the aesthetic use of lasers
  • Laser safety issues 
  • Regulatory and non-regulatory agencies and how they relate to individual practice settings and the health care provider 


Provided by:


Educational Objectives

Upon completion of this activity, participants should be able to:

  • List commonly used laser wavelengths currently used in medicine
  • Identify the properties of laser light
  • Discuss specific tissue reaction associated with each laser parameter and how they work together 
  • Conceptually explain how lasers work
  • Recognize and describe the types of hazards related to the medical laser
  • Identify two regulatory agencies involved in the use of lasers
  • Explain the safety precautions and procedures recommended by ANSI

Modules included in the Foundations course:

  • Photons & Matter – How We Control Collision
  • Clinical Light
  • Bio-Photonics
  • Safety With Light
  • Resurfacing
  • Procedures
  • Pigmented & Vascular Lesions


  • Physicians:    $795
  • Extenders:    $595

Once you complete the course you will be able to review it as often as you like. Downloadable materials include:

  • Laser Protocols
  • Glossary of Laser Definitions
  • Laser Safety Sign
  • Resources
  • References

Target Audience

This activity is primarily intended and designed to educate physicians, physicians assistants, nurses and aestheticians who utilize medical lasers in their practice.



The information contained during this course is for educational purposes only and may not apply to your specific application or situation. The course content is not verified and should not be relied on for any medical or experimental procedures. Additional education is required to compliment the information contained therein. The author, society, distributor and provider (hereinafter referred to as the "Producers") shall not be liable for any loss, injury or damages, including without limitation any indirect or consequential damage or injury, resulting from the implementation of the practices and research discussed or displayed in the course. As a result of viewing this course, you agree that reliance on any practice displayed in the course without additional research, verification, and study shall be at your own risk. The Producers accept no liability for the content of this course.


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